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ORIGINALS-Only You Can Discern

There is really a lot of dis-info being injected into almost every area where folks might be getting a clue about their consciousness. They try and head em off at the pass, and lead them right back into snoozeville.

It is not a new concept, if you open up a bible you will find discernment mentioned in red print.

It is important for a person to follow their inner guidance when deciphering the validity of claims or info that cannot be readily proven or may not be provable at all.

From my perspective it seems that at least one of the keys to discernment can be found in ones desire for truth. It seems the greater the desire one has to know what is true, the more one may discern the truth in any situation.

For me, the bigger picture feels plays a large part in discernment. Connecting current pieces of the puzzle of information available to bits of learned experience from previous years creates sort of a overhead view of physical reality map.

Another key may be in resonance. When a person resonates with a particular concept or idea the information makes the most sense and seems to impart a feeling of strength.

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Perspectives – Through The Viel

Perspectives- Through The Viel

A good friend of mine casualy asked me from the other side of the veil,

“So, did you write John back yet?” I said, “Well yeah!  Don’tcha  know? I thot you see everything thats goin on?” She replied,

“Eye only see what eye look at.”

Oh I see…well, that makes sense to me…!

I love her! It’s a pretty cool story actually. I will likely post the all details at a later date.  Since she started talking to me a really cool idea has come to mind. I am thinking of offering FREE “in memory of” tattoos free for the first 5 or so clients that would like to colaborate WITH thier loved one on the tattoo design, via me! This idea could potentially be a very rewarding experience! What do you think?