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continued ACTUAL


Actual: Existing now | in fact; current; real

Intelligence: The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

The hearts of humanity have suffered an onslaught of attacks on just about every front. With much cunning and foresight, those wishing to control have elaborately constructed a myriad of traps. Spanning many planes, in an attempt to… essentially harness soul energy while obliterating consciousness.

When we choose to connect to SOURCE we gain consciousness and enliven our soul. If knowledge of SOURCE is hidden and is made seemingly unattainable, the spirit is slowly anesthetized.

Actual Intelligence is necessary to navigate through programmed and injected thought mind fields. One must avoid any practices and beliefs that puts ‘GOD’ or ‘SOURCE’ outside of the self.

A key to anything means nothing without the knowledge of the lock. The key is functionally useless we know where to stick it. Intelligence refers to ones ability to real eyes what to do with the key and where to locate the lock. Only the courageous of heart may open it.