I’m a Wilcocker!!

I believe it says “Wilcocker”

Source: Kauilapele’s Blog David Wilcock 5-21-17 Panel 9.. Special banner made for DW

FINALLY!!! I found documentation of my stage presence at CTID 2017 with the “WILCOCKER’ banner I made for David! YES!! The pic isn’t the greatest but I knew somebody had to have recorded that days events. I have done several internet searches since that conference and I finally found it!! Thank you Kauilapele!

While sitting on the grass painting a GFC TShirts in the outdoor amphitheater, where the Panel Discussion took place, I suddenly got the idea to take the blanket I was sitting on and paint WILCOCKER as big as I could and hold it up to show David I’m still his #1 fan. I was holding it up for sometime before David finally noticed what it said. He started crackin up laughing and stopped the panel discussion to call me up on stage to show the audience! WooHoo!!

I said hi to Beth on the way up! She is an awesome spirit. Because of her kindness I now have one of my favoritest tattoos ever!!

Davids signature is tattooed on my hand under a depiction of a classic flying saucer along with his decided words of wisdom for that day…

Be Love.

After chatting with Beth on FB, I was able to meet them after their speaking engagements at the”ONE LOVE FESTIVAL” near L.A. the previous year. David and Beth were both very friendly, gracious and inviting!

I was inspired to get this tattoo when watching an early episode of “WISDOM TEACHINGS”, Davids weekly show on Gaia.com.  He jokingly said that he is getting so well known that soon he would soon be like a rock-star with groupies, body gaurds and all. Well I grew up a rocker so that was my Q.

I had no choice but to play the groupie!  I consider David my hero for many reasons. One huge reason is that he reminded of a completely awesome and spontaneous ‘ONENESS OF THE UNIVERSE’ experience I had in 1992. I had totally forgotten about that! When I read “The Synchronicity Key : The Hidden Force Guiding The Universe and You” he wrote about a thing being something real, and I suddenly remembered.

Which actually activated what I call ‘The 2nd Time I Woke Up’…long story! This also inspired the Original Design Tshirt ‘Age of Aquarius’. Waiting for everyone else to wake up I spent many a’lone times while I was with others…discussing the weather, hairstyles, tv shows ect…I’m sure you can imagine.

Well, my whole life changed after that!

Speaking of change and in hindsight, I’m glad I changed the planned location for the autograph tattoo from my rear to my hand once I got to the festival. (get it …hindend…hindsight?) It would have been more like…“Hey guys…Hi , great concert huh?…hey is there anyway one of you could come over here and tattoo an autograph from David Wilcock on my butt for me? Please??” What a way to make new friends aye?It would have been super difficult to make that hiney tattoo happen. I tattooed his autpograph on immediately after I got it, so there was no chance it would smear or wear off. I did this in my truck on myself using a USB machine fashioned for the dash! Thats determination!



Thank you David & Elizabeth Wilcock! and Kauilapele!!


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