This design was made for Gregg Prescott of IN5D.COM and is available as a tied color TEE of your choice!





I came across IN5D.COM in 2014,  while seeking information about de-calcifying the pineal gland or 3rd eye*. I found the site very informative on many metaphysical type subjects. As I continued researching I began to notice IN5D postings and info all over the web it seemed!

The informative articles contained there in, helped me greatly along my journey, more than a few times!

I consider IN5D.COM to be a research staple and a treasure for anyone, especially those awakening. Knowledge is power AND it is a key ingredient in reclaiming ones power!

With this TEE, I commend Gregg for his diligence and commitment to bring this type of information to the masses. Thanks to Gregg’s dedication to IN5D, he has helped many find their bearings and catch a wave of knowledge, avoiding the disinfo while surfing the seas of the internet. Thank you Gregg Prescott for all you do!!

With pure intentions and a kind heart we may each discern our truth.

No matter what we find outside of ourselves the only answers we can truly rely upon can all be found when we take Gregg’s humble advice and “Go Within”


*interesting to note that even today the word ‘pineal’ is not in the wordpress dictionary as it is presumed a misspell.

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