Originals – Transmute It.




:To change in form, nature, or substance
All of us transmute energy. This is true of the silently sleeping to the fully aware individual, [who, BTW, is able to see though the separation programming that has been so strategically placed by those seeking control, and also , being awake, knows we ARE all ONE, therefore innerstands (to borrow Sevan Bomars term) the effect of the ‘individual’ on the collective. When we are conscious we may chose new ways to deal with ourselves and others especially when we find ourselves experiencing negative influences in our situational field. When we real eyes there exists alternatives to the human minds programmed reaction, we no longer fall prey to negativity, but instead we may empower ourselves and others by responding from our purest heart. Standing in the truth of our sovereignty, we may gain the strength and clarity that is needed to lovingly direct our intention to transmute negative energy into a higher frequency that is more harmonious and closest in alignment with greatest good for all beings dierectly involved and otherwise… effectively rendering any dark agenda, powerless. It is your choice.  

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