De- Program

Let compassion for our human family be our motivation. Swearing is a easily weilded tool that can empower and shield one when working in thick density. It is then made a service to humanity when it shines light on ones programmed judgements. The judgement is meant to obstruct truth, narrow ones vision and induce guilt/shame and it is false. Reverse the program of false guilt, investigate the values held in your heart. Are they inherited? From whom?
Are they your own? Why?
What first hand information have you as your basis? Find it. Shape your own perspective. According to whose standards are we to be held other than our own spirit (natural law)?
The injected "acceptable behavior" that prompts one to judge is the program must be made conscious, recognized and ejected rather than weaponized and unconsciously (in this respect) used against our brave brothers and sisters as was intended by interfering energies. Know thyself.
DE-FUKIN-PROGRAM TODAY! Examine your beliefs~ Look into your heart~ Question yourself~ know thyself ... AND BE FREE!