I began tattooing in 1997. Professionally my tattoo career began 10 years later in 2007, when I landed a job at

Diablo Tattoo in Glendale AZ. A few years later in 2010 while still in Glendale, I opened Viking Spirit Tattoo with my former husband and biz partner. Viking was very successful. At one point, we were so busy, and cram packed that literally no one else could fit inside the building.Only 4 years later we expanded and renamed to Freedom Tattoo Company. It was a short-lived studio due to divorce, opening Jan 2014 and closing April 2015.

I became really good at color tattoos during that time. Cover ups are especially rewarding. I enjoy helping a person relieve the anxiety one feels when having to look at the same Ex’s name from 5 years ago…usually these are in a highly visible spot, like on the wrist or forearm. So it can be seen EVERYDAY, reminding the person of the time they decided to show their loving devotion and commitment with a ‘name’ tattoo.
And then breaking up with, ‘Scott’ 2 months later. (for example…)
Now, this person subconsciously seems to have an issue with everyone named Scott. Even finding themselves in an awkward dilemma when faced with the possible purchase of Scott brand toilet paper? Hmmm…. toilet paper. Kinda says something right there. (I wrote this in 2018 btw) 
That seems to feel justly satisfying

….and… ironic….and

a smidge uneasy… all wrapped in one.
In our example scenario this is when the ‘almost client’ begins to real eyes the game of connecting the ‘Scott dots’ must end.

That’s where I come in!

By the time we are finished tattooing, any anxiety experienced in the bathroom will have disolved! Truly transformative.I love my clients. I tend to develop more of a genuine friendship with the majority. You know who you are.
Many clients have started crying tears of joy after we’ve covered these types of ‘name’ tattoos. It is truly healing and liberating. In the industry it is said that a curse is placed on the relationship at the time of inking your lovers name. I have seen break ups occur anywhere from the next day to 3 months down the road. Who is to say it was not going to happen anyway? I am also aware of couples who are still together, years and years after getting each other’s name inked.

That being said, I DO have some advice if you’re thinking of getting your honeys name. Simple critical thinking tells us that if you’re going into the tattoo wanting it small… so it will be easier to cover up….well….then maybe you should have a displaced emotional relationship with a certain brand of TP.

“It is not called critical thinking for nothing.”I will share a glimpse of my innerstanding on this. Humans are not supposed to be together forever. So, if you’re coming from the standard fairy tale programmed mind, and most are, the whole thing is messed up from the get go anyways. Time to break out of the Matrix. Best to go in honest. Heart open. It is what it is and will be what you decide and that is what is up. Hey…NO REGERTS right?!Also, I’ve tattooed a few names on people’s faces… gangster style. Straight Yo.”Hey baby Surprise! I got your name tattooed on me!’Now that’s love huh!? 

Also, I find it satisfying to fix old or poorly done tattoos.  A person should be able to view their tattoo and feel good and then some. If gazing at your tattoo brings on any negative feelings…then I can help! One’s outer world is a direct reflection of one’s inner world. Like the old Hermetic Axiom…

“As above, so below. As within, so without.”

A tattoo can assist in spiritual,  emotional, mental and even physical healing. Tattoos can inspire, encourage, empower, serve as a reminder or a guide in decision making, and so much more! I am currently available only in the Phoenix area. If you are interested in a tattoo please contact me for a free consult. Thanks!