Sharing is Caring

Sporting a Galac-tee will put your chosen concept front and center raising awareness and creating a constant opening for creative communication wherever you go! and potentially assisting many into 5D consciousness and heart centered perspectives. You might even be prompted to share your awakening experience!

A Matter of Fact

Wearing the message you most align with not only grounds this new energy but also wearing Galac-Tees in your day to day routine will create opportunities allowing you to comfortably and casually share your personal views and possibly knowledge of factual information that isn't currently available in the mainstream media due to the tyrannical hording of truthful pertinent information.

Follow the White Rabbit

Don’t be surprised you start sparking up new conversations with people everywhere, possibly helping all those around you wake up a little or at the very least planting seeds of curiosity. This may stimulate a desire in others to 'smell the coffee', ideally evoking a passion to discern truth within and without. Thus beginning ones journey behind the white rabbits fluffy little tail!

Support Team

Concepts range from 3D notions that we are all familiar with to a more broad yet refined 5D perspectives. Seek and ye shall find, in this Age of Aquarius, information is no longer hidden. Personal guides, as well as many benevolent higher density beings are surrounding us and are more willing than ever to assist us in finding the answers we seek. All we have to do is ask!

About Galactec Fire

Hi! I’m a solution oriented creative design artist specializing in textiles, and tie dyes and  tattoos.

I AM inspired to create t-shirt designs relating the many concepts one may become aware of or experience during the much anticipated ‘Great AWAKENING” happening all over earth right now!



New designs every month